Couplii Relationship and Family Protection Fund

Fund Mission

Breakups and divorces have the most dramatic impacts on people´s lives, including their physical, mental and economic situation. The impact hits lives of both of the partners and their children and close family members. Every year, more than 30.000 children in the Czech Republic lose their family due to the divorce. The effects of the divorce on children´s lives are always brutal, regardless of their age. Unlike adults, children do not understand the situation, cannot rationally deal with it, feel completely expelled from their family and unsecure, literally losing their crucial safety anchor and firm ground. The crucial and only security in their life – safety of their family with father and mother together – has collapsed.

Breakups have always disastrous effects on children, no matter whether i tis an amicable settlement or an escalated fight. Loss of a complete family always causes a lifetime trauma to every child and inclinations for their own non-functional relationships when they are adult. Parents´ relationship problems cause also a lot of other problems to their children – ruined health, bullying at school, self-harming, drug addictions including alcoholism, suicide attempts and many more dramatic impacts. For adults the break up means ruined health, debts, loss of job, drug addictions etc.

1 in 2 relationships breaks up!

At the beginning of the relationship, the partners always love each other, communicate any of their dissatisfaction, talk about things. At the same time – they all live in a crucial fatal delusion – they all are falsely convinced that all this means their relationship is not in danger!

The mission of Couplii Relationship and Family Protection Fund is to reduce the rate of divorce and breakup and to reduce the number of children who lose their families.  

The key to the change in people´s lives is the education about the meaning of „living in a partnership, about the role and impacts of relationship on an individual´s life and about the key fundamentals and principles that will protect and preserve the relationships and families.


The change and education must start in children and juveniles.


Education about the ultimate value and gravity the relationship and family represent.


Education about where exactly the true dangers for the relationship lie and on what principles a safe and firm relationship stands.


Education about how to protect your relationship and ensure it is always functional and happy


Lectures for schools conducted by child psychology experts, qualified relationship therapists


Lectures for couples - education with qualified relationship therapists


Online webinars and projects ,,Think before…“
(before you decide to quit single life, before you decide to live in a couple, before you decide to have a child)


Social media are not just for fun, but may be used for education too
Couplii aplikace

The backbone of the project of the change in population´s relationship and family situation is COUPLII - a global revolutionary app for couples. Couplii has been invented based on 10 years of extensive expertise in people´s relationships, divorces and their impacts and it is the tool that protects relationships and families. Couplii is the Coupleguard – a bodyguard of the relationship.

Couplii is free to downolad (ios and android)
Couplii is a must for everybody, who realizes their relationship/family is such a precious value that they do not want to risk losing it and for everybody who really cares about their partner´s happiness.

About us

11 years ago, Petr Kadidlo and Lenka Vacková founded ELA – Employer Life Assistant, a unique ecosystem of life assistance to the employees of organizations in all types of industry in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Today ELA is a greatly reputed service nationwide, with clients among world leading corporations as well as the leading state-owned organizations.  ELA is a unique protection and prevention tool for people´s life troubles, focusing on the family´s „life triade“ RELATIONSHIPS-HEALTH-ECONOMY, which primarily determines how happy an individual is.